Monday, February 20, 2012

Time To Move Past Dr. Oz

Over the past few weeks, I've invested considerable time in watching Dr. Oz's daily show only to identify what he presents which is inaccurate, inconsistent, or unsubstantiated. I did so as a public service.

I believe over this period of time, I have repeatedly demonstrated Dr. Oz's show to be a generally unreliable source of medical and health information. However, pointing out such misinformation does not help people identify the few supplements from which they can actually derive some benefit, and all the other measures they can implement to stay healthy, live longer, avoid chronic disease, improve well-being, etc. That's is what I truly am striving for and so it is time to focus on the positive.

Therefore, my future blogs will completely focus on helpful suggestions and valuable information.  Stay tuned.

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  1. I just discovered you recently - and until I did, I confess I was taking copious notes watching my DVR'd episodes of Dr. Oz...while also finding myself rolling my eyes at the incessant pelting of suggestions on supplements that would be some miracle solution. I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman...mindful of what I put into my body, and mindful of wacky claims that some pill is going to be the magic solution to the last 30-40 lbs I'm trying to shed (I've lost about 60...and I've never felt healthier - you truly are what you eat!)

    I want to thank you for not only confirming my skepticism, but setting me straight on a few things I was wavering on. (I confess, I almost fell for that raspberry keton pitch...and found myself researching white bean desperation to shift my metabolism)

    I'm glad you've been posting counterpoints to Dr. Oz...and appreciate the time you've taken, as a public service, to watch and respond to his claims and pitches. It's discouraging...and frustrating...but I feel set straight, and a little more guarded in regards to supplements. So thank you Dr. Charlap, for giving of yourself to offer sound arguments to this show. I'm glad to hear you're planning on offering helpful suggestions. I commend you for making the realization for yourself that continuing to invest so much time and effort in the keeping you from offering something more positive. If only you could convince Presidential candidates to have the same epiphany! =)

    Thanks again...looking forward to your future blogs!