Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dr. Charlap Theorem On Weight Loss

After reading hundreds of studies about weight, diets, lifespan, and longevity, I have come to a theoretical conclusion. I will call it the Charlap Theorem. It is stated as follows: For every pound of weight lost by a person under the age of 70 with a body mass composition above 25 achieved and sustained through healthy changes in diet and exercise, that person can add at least one month of additional healthy life. Accordingly, a 30 pound weight loss contributes to 2.5 years of additional lifespan.  The reasons for this is because sustained weight loss decreases morbidity related to diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, strokes, arthritis, etc. and mortality related to heart attacks, strokes, etc.

It is now scientifically well understood that there are at least seven hormones that regulate body weight through appetite suppression, stimulation, etc. Basically, that is why 95% of diets fail.  After being heavy for some time, (not sure exactly how long,) the body doesn't want you to reduce your weight. To do so, requires regimentation, sacrifice and hard work. To believe otherwise, is to deceive yourself.

Nevertheless, people do lose weight and keep it off.  Their stories are always the same. They permanently changed the way they ate and added regular exercise and physical activity to their lives.  Some accomplished it on their own, others were jump-started by someone else and then continued on their own. Either way, face losing weight with your eyes open and be prepared to make some significant changes in your lifestyle. Contrary to what people like Dr. Oz would have you believe, there are no pills to achieve sustainable and lasting weight loss. Only real effort and a plan will help you succeed.

So if adding more months of quality health to your life is important to you, do something about it. Now, before it is too late. If I can help, you can reach me on my cellphone at (617) 319-6434.


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