Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anatomy 101: Dissecting the Dr. Oz Show - Thursday February 16, 2012

“I always have a concern when you have to take a pill when you have to deal with an issue you have.” Guess who said that? Would you believe none other than the daytime king of pill-pushing himself, Dr. Mehmet Oz.
Every show, and today’s was no different, he’s pushing one pill or another. Did he even realize what he said? Does the audience hear the inconsistencies?

“I’m going to give you the power to fight cancer before you get the diagnosis” is how he began the show today. “It’s the holy grail of cancer prevention stopping cancer before it even starts. I’m talking about supplements that help fight cancer and you can incorporate into your diet right now.” Wow!

What was even more interesting is what his guest said in reference to the supplements being touted and I underline for emphasis. “Sometimes they can actually turn tables in our favor.” Sometimes?  This is surreal. Toying with people’s emotions about cancer is cruel. Recommending pills that according to him have only been tested in animals as cancer preventers is just plain awful.

Of course, none of the pills recommended today have scientific backing for the expressed purpose.  No surprises there. But what was a surprise was hearing the Black Raspberries are the best berries when just last week it was Ligonberries.  I guess a lot can change in a week of TV broadcasting.

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