Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Better Than The Alternative

It's often been said that laughter is the best medicine. Humor can also be a great way to communicate bad news in a less offensive manner. I love this cartoon because it really summarizes the reality of the situation for people who live sedentary lifestyles or hardly exercise.

Study after study now shows the dramatic impact that moderate physical activity has on your health. It reduces heart attacks and strokes, improves cognitive function and memory, alleviates depression, prevents and reduces the consequences of diabetes, etc.  The flip side is that lack of exercise increases your risk for osteoporosis and dementia. Bad things happen to people who don't move!

So folks, what are you waiting for? If you don't like gyms, find a hobby that requires physical exertion. Take steps, park far away from your destination, mow the lawn, wash the car, wash it again, whatever you do just keep moving. Get up, get out, and live the one life you have to the fullest.

 You may find this cartoon amusing, but don't let it be you. 
You are only fooling yourself by pretending to exercise.
A word to the wise should be sufficient.

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