Sunday, May 6, 2012

Help Needed!

You may think I spend a lot of time thinking about wellness and prevention. The truth be told, I spend almost all my time in such contemplation. First, I think about my health and that of my family. But most of the time, I think about my patients and our community at large.  I access on a daily basis multiple health information sources including new medical studies, medical journals, mass media, and websites. I am constantly searching for some valuable new piece of information, some innovation I haven't heard of, something worthwhile that I can incorporate into my daily medical practice that will help my patients.  To make a difference, I know you sometimes need to think not outside the box, but like there is no box at all.

King Solomon is credited as having written in The Book of Ecclesiastes that there is nothing new under the sun. This is widely understood to mean that everything that happens on earth is futile and we should therefore put our faith in G-d and direct all our attention to his service. Although I am a G-d fearing man, I have a different take on this interpretation. First, I believe that we serve G-d by our daily efforts to lead good, wholesome, ethical lives and also by helping others in need. Second, I believe that G-d helps those that help themselves.

When things have gone wrong for me as they do for everyone at some point, I try not to dwell on my misfortune but to rise above it. I may wallow in self-pity for a short time, but I know that I can ill afford to linger and that it will will do me no good to retain that state of mind for long. I always believe that a solution can be found if I look hard enough for it and don't give up. Fall down seven times, get up eight is my motto. When it comes to others, I know that they too can find solutions but that they need to pursue them with all due vigor.

It's said that in regards to health and longevity, genetics loads the gun and lifestyle factors pull the trigger. My goal in creating MDPrevent, was to metaphorically disarm people. If we can just take the guns out of their hands, they will be less likely to do themselves harm. And by guns, I mean all the things they do on a daily basis that are rife with health risks and dangers.  Information brings knowledge, knowledge brings reason, reason brings motive, and motive brings action.

Nothing in life has ever frustrated me more than seeing something bad happen that could have been avoided by practical and reasonable action. It breaks my heart to see friends, family, patients, and even strangers pursue courses of action that can only lead to dire consequences. Sometimes it is as simple as constantly eating the wrong foods and shunning any physical activity, and sometimes its far more complicated. Yet, in all circumstances, it is painful to watch, knowing what comes next.

My adult life has been dedicated to the service of others. I believe that it is my sacred mission to help others help themselves. Everything I read and encounter is processed through the filter of how this information may be applied on a grander scale to the masses.  My pursuit of a MBA was driven by a desire to do something across a broader platform than what an individual doctor can do for his patients.

I am writing today because I seek insight from those who may perchance read this blog.  My thoughts keep returning to a health fair I attended last week. At the fair, you may remember that I queried passerbys with "Would you like to add more good years to your life?"  Many responded "No."

I am not strictly looking for reasons why anyone would answer in such a manner. My suspicions that people's reasons for shutting me down range from not wanting to be bothered by a man posing a question with an obvious answer to a belief that it is futile and/or worthless to seek such a goal so why even bother. I am sure there are many other reasons, both simple and complicated. I am, however, trying to figure out what to do about it. Nothing, is not an acceptable answer. I fear that for many Henry David Thoreau's utterance, "Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them" may be in play. This would be tragic and most assuredly avoidable.

So dear reader, how do I get through to the masses that they can take control of their lives and find improved health and increased wellbeing? How do we empower the various generations to pay closer attention to their health and keep chronic disease at bay? How we help others lead lives of satisfaction instead of desperation? What messaging, medium, or context must be deployed for the message to resonate that good things can emerge from purposeful action?

I await your suggestions. Please write me at

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