Sunday, September 9, 2012

Can You Trust Dr. David Williams?

My patients often share with me the myriad health newsletters to which they subscribe. Recently a patient gave me a newsletter written by Dr. David Williams. My first question before reading the newsletter was what kind of doctor is Dr. Williams? The patient responded I'm sure he's an MD. In fact, Dr. Williams is a chiropractor.  Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against chiropractors as I've used them myself for strained backs and shoulders. Also, I have no problem with anyone writing about nutrition as long as they stick to scientifically validated facts.

However, I do have two major pet peeves. People who distort information, and people who try to confuse you with information so they can sell you something. The newsletter I was asked to read concerned the lost value of eating an entire chicken and all parts of animals (not at one sitting) because otherwise you don't get the gelatin contained in bone marrow, etc. The premise was, as is often the premise in such rubbish, is that the more recent trends not to eat the chitins (pig intestine), pancreas, etc. has led to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc. and if you eat them, all those problems may disappear.

The newsletter starts innocently enough like they all do with a pseudo-scientific explanation of the importance of gelatin to our health. But like most of these non-credible newsletters it veers off to the fantastic when it makes unsubstantiated health claims. Of course, the moment that starts I become suspicious if there's a sales pitch coming up. To Dr. William's credit, there was no pitch for selling his own gelatin, but there was reference to another commercial product, which I could not find for sale on his website. Nevertheless, Dr. Williams's website lists many products for sale of questionable value including the now highly disputed resveratrol (due to research improprieties).

The bottom line on Dr. Williams is that he has an actual degree and a license. He is more trustworthy than those PhDs from non-accredited schools that I've been writing about in previous blogs. Notwithstanding, when Dr. Williams makes preposterous claims about the all curative health benefits of a substance like gelatin, he throws his credibility into seriously questionable territory and by doing so undermines any good he may otherwise be capable of doing.

Facts and science matter and we have enough bad information already out there. We don't need more articles that tell us this may help us and this may hurt us.  It only adds to the confusion. I feel if you don't have something of value to say, stay quiet. As the old saying goes, "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than open it and remove all doubt."


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  3. Yes, you can trust Dr. David Williams, I believe. He helped cure adrenal fatigue and a thyroid imbalance in me that a half dozen doctors (MDs!) did NOT.

  4. Yes, you can trust Dr. David Williams, I believe. He helped cure adrenal fatigue and a thyroid imbalance in me that a half dozen doctors (MDs!) did NOT.

  5. I just happened upon Dr. David Williams' website so I really can't comment one way or the other on his practice or his reputation. I can, however, be supportive of his profession. Many years ago, after a difficult surgery, I began having numerous physical issues. Fainting, seizures, fatigue,anxiety attacks,etc. The revolving door began; neurologists, cardiologists,General Care Doctors. None of them came up with any solutions other than medications, shoulder shrugs, etc. Finally my friend drug me kicking and screaming to her chiropractor (I had never been)that also practiced nutrition and the mind/body connection. After taking more time with me than any other MD had, he suggested that I have my blood sugar analyzed. He showed me that the nerves in my spine that talk to my adrenals were being compromised and said my problem was probably hypoglycemia. I was given a very strict diet, vitamins, and spinal adjustments. In just one week I was given my life back for the first time in 3 years!!! So, even though I respect and use traditional medicine from time to time, I have had my eyes opened to the world of non-traditional healing and have experienced many positive experiences. There is a place for both in our life to remain healthy.

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  8. The benefits from food will never be scientifically validated, the same way sugar will never be validated as a detriment to our health. It conflicts with pharmaceutical sales and food industry interest.

    People need to keep this in mind.

  9. Why do doctors claim to be the experts on nutrition if most of them have no training in nutrition? The only people who should even be commenting on Dr. Williams are registered dietitians. Doctors knocking down the benefits of food when they don't even have training in diet or nutrition, should not be considered valid sources either.

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  11. Don't mean to post several times, I apologize. There should be an edit button.

  12. I'm having trouble losing those 20 extra pounds so I bought some of Dr Williams MeraLean Advantage to see if it would help. After taking 2 capsule every day for a few days, I started to feel digestive discomfort.I cut back to 1 capsule a day and felt worse. Until one evening I threw up everything I'd eaten. Obviously I stopped taking them and felt better.
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    Well obviously you could lose weight this way but I'm pretty sure it's not the way anyone wants to do so.

    I called for a refund and they refunded the unused bottle, and then after I sent them back, they refunded the 5 unused bottles.

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  15. If you were born into the world with drugs then i would look to an MD when i get sick. If you stray from nature you are not going to be happy with the results. When you are sick you don't wand drugs as they all give you potential side effects. Now you have more problems.